Margot – Sales

“Christina is a top notch coach. She made me realise what was right in front of me and I’m really glad she did. I was overwhelmed at work and we managed to balance it out and get to a point where I could actually enjoy my day. I thought I had to be a certain way to be a top performer, but instead she showed me how to play to my strength and be comfortable with who I am. Thanks a bunch!”

Neil – Investment Professional

“Excellent sessions. You really shifted things for me.”

Melanie – Tennis

“A weight had been lifted from my shoulders after just one session. Christina was very good at explaining how life coaching works and helped me take the plunge into a business deal and cope with the extra workload, which is now coming my way. I am clearer now on how to manage and work through the barriers and challenges that were stopping me before. Thank you so much Christina, it was a real pleasure working with you and so interesting understanding life coaching and how it can help anyone overcome any stumbling block, business or personal. I will be back.”

Adeline – Lawyer

“I never thought I would need a coach but Christina came highly recommended by friends. She’s really great. I only needed a few sessions to get clarity about where I wanted to take my career. Loved the exercises that taught me more about myself as well.”

Cathy – Private Equity

“Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout my sessions. I couldn’t decide whether to stay in the UK or move elsewhere and you managed to clear it up for me. Little did I know that that wasn’t even the problem! I’m now in a good place and know that whatever I choose, I’ll be alright.”

Agnes – Beauty Therapist

“I had a few sessions with Christina and we went through various personal topics. Each time she helped me find clarity with different practical exercises, which were always simple to do. I really recommend her if you need answers to questions quickly.”

Dan – Investment Banking

“What can I say. Christina is a natural and I would recommend her to anyone who is open to new ideas and change. She changed my perspective even though I was really really stubborn. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Melissa – Interior Design

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after quitting my job and starting a family and you were great with your insightful questions and kind approach. You have shown me that everything is possible as long as I decide that I want it. I feel that nothing can stop me now. Thank you!”