Other People’s Opinions

Other People's Opinions

Do you sometimes find yourself getting caught up in a conversation where you are constantly trying to convince the other person that you are right and that he or she is wrong and must agree with you? So much that you have stopped listening to what the other person says?

We sometimes associate our opinions with our own identity and when someone disagrees, it can be perceived as ‘criticism’ and we do everything we can to make them agree with us. We may sometimes even get a little frustrated that they ‘don’t get it’.

A Perfect Life

Zen Meditation Garden

I often get asked the question whether it is really possible for someone to have a perfect life or whether that’s just something that people make up?

With all the access to social media nowadays, it’s not surprising that most of us might feel that we don’t have enough.

Fact or Story?

Fact or story

Have you ever been upset with someone when they didn’t do what you expected them to do?

Perhaps you got a little worried when a client or a colleague didn’t respond to your email straight away? Or you got upset when a friend forgot to invite you to a social event? You may even have felt ignored when someone forgot to call you when they said they would.